What we are typically asked
You say that there are N.E.O. people and just people.
What is the difference between them?
The Consciousness of N.E.O. people is awake and they feel themselves both as a part and as a core of the great creation called Life. They have awareness and responsibility for themselves and reality.
    What is your best skill?
    Be happy
      Are you saying that all the people are different?
      Yes. By their spiritual maturity.
        As if there were people who are better and the ones who are worse?
        No, all the people are good, but not everybody knows about it. Jesus said: "Every human is one-of-a-kind and created uniquely". Everybody is worth love and respect at his Unique Level.
          What is your N.E.O. credo?
          I love what I do and I do what I love
          What are you aspiring to?
          To the balance of inner Spiritual Maturity and external practical self-realization.
            Where are you going?
            To myself
            How do you communicate?
            Through N.E.O.PEOPLE movement
              Why movement?
              The movement is a consciousness´ way of existence
                What is N.E.O. PEOPLE movement´s speed?
                Gradual and systematic learning
                  Where do your Leaders come from?
                  N.E.O. leaders grow from N.E.O. PEOPLE
                    Why do N.E.O. PEOPLE need to unite?
                    To find like-minded people. It´s easier to live and communicate with the people from your inner circle. By doing so, you feel happiness.
                      What are you doing?
                      We are creating our N.E.O. Reality
                      What lays in the basis of N.E.O. reality?
                      Conscious relationships
                        With whom?
                        With ourselves, people around us and nature
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